Sushrut Kulkarni

लेखकाची पुस्तकं

Master your Smartphone in 24 Hours

An Illustrated Guide to All Features and Apps for your Android Mobile

Sushrut Kulkarni

Mr. & Mrs. Deshpande did buy a smartphone because their son insisted on it. But they were scared that they would press the wrong key or make some mistake, and so could not really enjoy all the features of their Android phone.
But within a short span they were taking pictures, downloading Apps, playing games, and spending hours on WhatsApp. They couldn’t let go of their phones ! This magical change happened due to their new friend – Master your Smartphone !
This friend taught them how to:

  • Assemble your brand-new smartphone
  • Save Contacts and form Groups
  • Send text messages, and group messages
  • Keep your phone on ‘Silent’ mode when attending any programme
  • Connect your phone to a Wi-Fi network
  • Send an email and attach a File to it
  • Shoot a photograph or a video and share it
  • Use Apps such as WhatsApp or Facebook
  • Shop online…and many other things !

The innumerable small but important tips given in this book turned the Deshpandes into tech-savvy smartphone users. Come ! Join the Deshpandes, and keep up with Generation Smart !

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