Suresh Haware

Dr. Suresh Haware is a renowned businessman and an inspirational leader.
He has completed his B. Tech in Chemical Engineering from Nagpur University. Further, he completed his masters in Nuclear Engineering from Bhabha Atomic Research Centre.
He has received M. A. in history and recently he completed his Ph.D. on a rather niche topic - 'Affordable Nano Housing' from Mumbai University. He is a Merit holder and a Gold medalist from Nagpur University. He has served as a nuclear scientist in Department of Atomic Research for 27 years. His 37 published research papers in nuclear engineering exemplifies his capacity for meticulous work. He has led a team of nuclear scientists to represent International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), a nuclear engineering meet in Vienna. For last 25 years, he has been in the construction industry and leading the mighty empire of Haware Group of Companies. He is a recipient of numerous national and international awards for his excellent contribution in the construction industry. He likes to contribute in various social welfare projects too. He is an ex- trustee of J.N.P.T. and was also a Chairman of Shri Saibaba Sansthan Trust, Shirdi. He was given a status of Minister of State, Maharashtra Government. He has authored 14 books so far on business and social interest related subjects. He loves mountaineering & completed Everest Base Camp Trek and Island Peak Expedition.

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15 Path-breaking stories that will help you starup

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Startup is a path to express new ideas , to experiment and see your dreams transform into reality. Innovative thinking, appropriate technology implementation , building a hardworking team and to grow your business in the market, are some critical factors for a successful business. This book talks about these factors through unique stories of highly inspiring young entrepreneurs.

 Highlights of the book : 
  •  A series of interviews of 15 dynamic & young entrepreneurs. From conceptualization to seamless execution and exponential business growth.
  •   Guidance by renowned businessman and inspirational leader – Dr. Suresh Haware.
  • 10 Tips and principles of successful business development.
A Startup Mantra that gives you a detailed outlook on how to build a giant business from a small idea.


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The startup business Guide

Don’t Be a Job Seeker, Be a Job Creator

Suresh Hawre

Have you ever thought of starting a new age business and taking it to greater heights?

Well, if you are the one, you have picked up the right book!

The Startup Business Guide is a book which wil answer all your queries, give you information about all that is needed to ideate, implement and grow a startup business.

The SALIENT FEATURES of the book:

✓ Building and Validating a Business Idea

✓ Developing a Business Plan Building the Right Team

✓ Understanding the Technology Aspects

✓ Scalability of the Startup ✓ Five Factors of a Successful Startup

Author Dr. Suresh Haware with his vast experience, guides you through the startup scene in India and Maharashtra. He also explains various Central and State Government initiatives for promotion of the Startup Businesses.

The Startup Business Guide is your true guide in your journey,
from a job seeker to be a job creator!

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My BARC Days is a memoir of Dr. Suresh Haware’s inspirational journey from a remote village in India to becoming a nuclear scientist in India’s premier research organization Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC). The book brings forth the author’s perspective of looking at difficulties as challenges and opportunities, and his intense passion for knowledge and research. His experiences span political events that affected the common man in India, days spent in educational institutions, work in BARC and also a Himalayan pilgrimage. Through detailed descriptions, the book gives a thorough understanding of life and work at BARC including a few milestones in the nation’s nuclear journey.


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