Arun jatkar

Dr. Arun D. Jatkar is a cousin of Mr. Dhananjay Joshi, the author of SAHAJ, a collection of several columns in Marathi, published by Rohan Publications of Pune in February of 2021. Dr. Jatkar was born in Pune, Maharashtra, India in March of 1946.
He received B. Tech . and M. Tech. in Metallurgical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai.
After working for four years in Mumbai, he left India to pursue higher education in USA. After receiving Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering, he settled in USA and worked for various corporations as a research engineer. He loves to write articles , short stories , and poems in Marathi . He volunteered for nearly 20 years as the editor of EKATA, a Marathi language quarterly magazine that used to be published from Toronto, Canada.
He had participated in the preparation of the manuscript of ' Making Friends with Death, 'an earlier publication by Mr. Dhananjay Joshi.

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Dhananjay Joshi grew up in Pune. He was born in Akola in 1947. After successfully completing the B.E.(Electronics and Telecommunications) curriculum in Pune Engineering College he came to the U.S. for graduate studies. He has resided in Chicago since then. He completed M.S. in Electrical Engineering and M.S. in Mathematics from the Illinois Institute of Technology. During his Chicago days, Dhananjay has had the blessing of learning under renowned Buddhist Masters from Thailand (Vipassana) and Korea (Zen).
He co-founded the Chicago Meditation Center with Robert and Dixie Ray. He volunteers at the Theosophical Society and contributes to their quarterly – Quest – as a book reviewer. He also offers workshops on “spiritual Tools for End -of-Life ” at the theosophical Society. Currently he teaches Statistics at a local university.


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