Aroon Tikekar

लेखकाची पुस्तकं

Power, Pen & Patronage

Media, Culture and the Marathi Society

Dr. Aroon Tikekar

Tikekar has always been a voice of sanity. As editor of Loksatta for over a decade, he reached the Marathi newspaper to a new high and left an indelible mark in journalism. By his advocacy of uncompromising ethics in public and personal life, his promotion of liberal values, and denunciation of media activism, he left behind a legacy of healthy and robust journalism for future generations of journalists and writers. In this selection of his occasional addresses and articles, he unravels with unambiguous clarity the malaise that has struck the society and media. He censures media for its doubletalk, its hysterical demeanor and denounces media persons’ hobnobbing with the high and mighty. He specifies causes for its growing conflict with judiciary. He faults the political and cultural forces for turning the Marathi society insular and retrograde. The book provides a rock-steady guide to classical journalism.

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Fast Forward

शरद पवार
Editor:डॉ अरुण टिकेकर

“Sharadji has had wide national and international experience in politics and public affairs, going beyond the State of Maharashtra, and this is naturally reflected in his thoughts compiled in this volume. I share many of his views, especially on economic policy, sustainable development and international trade. He is one of our most enlightened leaders deeply committed to harnessing modern science and technology for national development.”

– Manmohan Singh

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