Amit Patankar

लेखकाची पुस्तकं

Sky Hunt With Telescopes

A mere sight of the sky studded with shining Stars, the Nakshatras, the Constellations gives us immense pleasure. Many questions pop-up in the inquisitive minds of the amateur star gazers, but those set off quickly for want of information and not-easy-to-access equipments. Here is a book which has been designed with an objective to help amateur star gazers to identify and locate the Stars and Nakshatras with or without telescope. It provides the perfect and precise astronomical information in simple and easy to understand language for a lay reader.
All information is accompanied with coloured photographs and speaking illustrations. With such help any casual or occasional star gazer can turn into a studious, consistent and knowledgeable observer.
This first of its kind book provides information about various stars, their location, their changing colours, shapes, their time to rise and set off; time and months to watch several Nakshatras, Constellations, Nebula, Binary Stars to Milky Way… everything existing in amazing universe.
This book is expected to be a real guide and companion for all amateur star gazers to go for a knowledgeable ride into amazing universe ….
Sky Hunt With Telescopes!!

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