The startup business Guide

Don’t Be a Job Seeker, Be a Job Creator

Suresh Hawre

Have you ever thought of starting a new age business and taking it to greater heights?

Well, if you are the one, you have picked up the right book!

The Startup Business Guide is a book which wil answer all your queries, give you information about all that is needed to ideate, implement and grow a startup business.

The SALIENT FEATURES of the book:

✓ Building and Validating a Business Idea

✓ Developing a Business Plan Building the Right Team

✓ Understanding the Technology Aspects

✓ Scalability of the Startup ✓ Five Factors of a Successful Startup

Author Dr. Suresh Haware with his vast experience, guides you through the startup scene in India and Maharashtra. He also explains various Central and State Government initiatives for promotion of the Startup Businesses.

The Startup Business Guide is your true guide in your journey,
from a job seeker to be a job creator!

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