Joy of Mountaineering

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Joy of Mountaineering A Beginner's Guide for Children

Umesh Zirpe


  • Who doesn't like to wander around?

    Breathing in some fresh air,

    roaming through pastures, walking along rivers

    are all a source of great joy.

    You do like to explore hills and valleys, or forests, don't you?

    You get to learn so many new things when you are on a trek!

    Different kinds of rocks... different varieties of soil...

    rivers and streams...trees, vines, and birds...

    a new world opens up for you.

    Noted mountaineer and leader of many successful mountaineering expeditions, including Mt Everest expedition, Umesh Zirpe guides the reader through

    various aspects of mountaineering and preparation it requires.

    Children not only would benefit from this information for improving their health and personality but also would love to experience the joy of mountaineering.

  • Book: Joy of Mountaineering
  • ISBN: 978-93-89458-02-2
  • Book Category: माहितीपर / Informative, बाल-कुमार / Children
  • पाने: 44
  • आकार: Demi
  • कव्हर: पेपरबॅक
  • Search Keywords: Mountaineering, Mountain, Umesh Zirpe, trek, Children

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